Research and Advisory

Consultancy Excellence conceptWe are experts in Customer service research and Advisory services. Utilising service experts and academics we offer solutions to the industry through:

  • Customer service evaluations
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Service Skills Audits.

Customer Excellence Policies

Organisations, big and small require policies to guide service excellence. Policies simplify, standardise, guide and ensure consistency in decision making when it comes to offering excellent service. A customer service policy is a written document that outlines the protocol that employees must follow when they deal with customers. Customer service policies generally include a company's service ethics and operating procedures. A company's customer service policy usually lists how an employee must treat a customer throughout each step of the buying process. The policy then generally lists the exact steps an employee must take when helping a customer return an item for a cash refund, a store credit or an identical or different item exchange. Customer service policies can also list how employees are expected to behave in general while on the clock as to improve the overall experience for patrons.

With more ways to contact businesses than ever before – phone, websites, email, social media, in person – customers expect more and more responsive companies. Quality of service has gone from a competitive advantage to a necessity. The Chartered Institute of Customer service help organisations in:

  • Reviewing current Customer service policies.
  • Developing Customers service policies.
  • Develop customer service procedures.
  • Research on customer expectations and customer profiling before policy development.
  • Set up a system to document customer complaints and comments.

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Reputation Management

Reputation management is at the core of service excellence. Organisations, big and small must thrive to manage a positive reputation with their customers and other keys stakeholders. The Institute guide organisations in:

  • Developing a reputation management strategy
  • Reputation measurement
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management training

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University Research Competitions

Research is crucial for developing new insights into service excellence. It is even important when young minds are involved. The Institute runs annual research competitions at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Themes and prizes are announced in February of each year. The aim is to increase research in customer service excellence across all sectors.